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Vince from Italy: Still Vince from Italy here. I will land in Prague on April 22nd at 17.05. Would it be too late for the registration? There were no other flights available. I'd like to know even the price of your transport service from the airport to the apartment. Thank u
- Richard and Jirka: No, it is OK for us. The transfer is CZK 500/ ride. To send you the confirmation list, please fill in the order form of the apartment.
Boy from Italia:
Hi, I'm an italian guy planning to visit Prague in April. Are there apartments from the 22nd to the 28th (I'll leave on 29th) of April?
- Richard and Jirka:
Yes, friend, the apartment H01 + H02 are available yet.
Chico de Espana: Hola amigos, soy un chico de espańa, que va a ir a praga del 29 de enero al 4 de febrero. Me gustaria saber si teneis sitio para una persona dichos dias, si es apartamento mejor. Un saludo
- Richard y Jirka:
Lo siento, todo esta completo.

Dos tios de Espana: Hola chicos! Somos dos tios de Espańa que queremos vistar Praga del 8 de marzo al 15. Dispondriais de sitio para alojarnos?. Sie es apartamento mejor. Un saludo
- Richard e Jirka:
Si, amigos, podemos ofrecerles el apartamento Nr 25. Mas info
boys from turkey: How can we order this apartment?
- Richard and Jirka:
Just fill in the order form on the selected page.

boys from turkey:
is there any naked party between 1-9 january
- Richard and Jirka:
Yes, on January 7, at Heaven.

boys from turkey:
we will be visiting Prague during 1/5-4/5. Do you have any rooms, apartments available during those days and what would be the price?

- Richard and Jirka: Sorry, friends, it is late, only this apartment is avaialble.
Anonym da Italia:
Come fare per prenotare?
- Richard e Jirka:
Riempire il modulo di ordine nel sito dell'appartamento selezionato.

Anonym da Italia:
Siamo in due ci servirebbe una camera dal 10 al 14 ottobre. E' possibile?
- Richard e Jirka:
Si, una camera e libere...

Thomas, Regensburg, DE, z.Z. Prag: Hallo, ich suche fur meine Eltern eine schone Wohnung in Prag. Ab 1. bis 6. September, fur einen guten Preis :O) (Nahe Wenzelsplatz - wo ich mit meinem tschechischen Partner wohne).
- Richard und Jirka: Ja, Freund, das ist moglich. Wir konnen ein schones Appartement in der Strasse Ostrovni anbieten. (zum Preis EUR 39/ Nacht/ 2 Personen).  Sollte dieses Angebot interessiert sind, klicke hier, mehr Info zu finden.
Franz, Dresden: Where can I obtain the gay pass of free entrances to gay clubs in Prague? (Sorry for this question, I am a pensioner.)
- Richard and Jirka:
If you stay in one of our apartments, you will have free entrances to gay cinema, naked party and gay sauna... This gay pass is given on your arrival + free gay guide Prague.
Jose, Espana: 
Hola somos dos chicos espańoles que llegamos a Praga el 12 sep al 18 sep, tendrias alojamiento? Gracias
- Richard y Jirka: Si, el apartmento Nr 09 es disponible.
Para ver más informaciones, haga clic aqui
G&N from Venice: Ciao Jirka, we are G&N from Venice. We were staying at your Appartament from 18 to 21 August (do you remember?). We want to thank for your courtesy and we want to thank your taxi driver - the fantastic sister Susan for the disponibility (she is a good driver). We hope to return in Prague becouse it' s a beautiful city. Ciao G&N from Venice.
Jirka: I thank you for your stay with us. I also thank for your nice words :O)
Amico da Italia:
ciao vorrei sapere se avete possibilita di un appartamento per 2 persone dal 5/9/08 al 10/9/08 e che costi ci sono?
- Richard e Jirka:
Ci dispiace, amico, tutto e occupato nell questo tempo.
y José, Chile:
Hola Jirka y Richard, queria saber si tienen un apartamento disponible para el dia 17 hasta 24 de septiembre.
- Richard y Jirka:
Amigos, es tarde, tenemos solo el apartamento con bano en nuestro centro gay Heaven. Para ver más información, haga clic en la fotografía.
Carmelo da Milano: Ciao sono Carmelo da Milano, voleva sapere se per Capodanno organizzate qualche festa al Centro Haven e se c'e la disponibilita per una persona (anche in doppia) dal 26.12.2008 al 6.01.2009. Eventualmente faro un ordine. Ciao
- Richard e Jirka: E tardi, amico, tutto e occupato dal 24 dicembre al 3 gennaio 2009.

Bert, Netherland:
Hello Richard and Jirka, coming to prague at sept  8th and staying untill sept15th. can you give me an offer in apartments for 1 person pls.
- Richard and Jirka:
Sorry to say that we have places available only till September 14.
Ian, England:
Hey, do you have any rooms free between Aug 27 and Sep 1? Thanks
- Richard and Jirka: Yes, one is available. For how many persons should it be?

Boy from Canada:
I am going to be in Prague from Dec 15.. not sure how many days..depends on how much fun I will get. But at least 3 nights for sure.  I am from Canada and looking for a room.. are there gonna be any xxx fun party during that period?
- Richard and Jirka: Do not worry, friend, there many events organized at that time...

Gerd, Deutschland: ist vom 01.09. - 08.09.08 das Zimmer 1 im House Stepan noch frei und zu welchem Preis 20 oder 32 EUR. Danke und viele Grüße.
- Richard und Jirka: Nein, alle Einbettzimmer im Haus Stepan sind voll belegt.
Freund, Deutschland: Guten Abend, habt Ihr morgen, 9.8. ein Zimmer für eine Nacht? und was kostet es?
- Richard und Jirka:
Schade, es ist spät. Alles ist voll belegt.
Ismael, Espana:
hola nos gustaria alojarnos dos personas en un apartamento con cocina y bańo privado durante 3 noches desde el 24 al 27 de septiembre.
- Richard y Jirka:
Es tarde, amigos, podemos ofrecerles solo el apartamento Nr 12. Mas informaciones
Amigo de Espana:
Me gustaría saber los precios del apartamento para dos personas, con cocina,
para el mes de octubre. Gracias
- Richard y Jirka: CZK 1000 (ca EUR 40)

Freund, Deutschland:
Ich suche für die Zeit vom 16.10.08 bis 20.10.08 eine Unterkunft. Ist das Appartement Nr 12 noch frei? Was kostet es?
- Richard und Jirka: Nein, es ist besetzt. In dieser Zeit nur das Appartement Nr 25 frei ist. Mehr info und Bestellform.

Michael aus Schweiz: Ich suche für die Zeit vom 14.10. bis 21.10.08 ein Zimmer mit King Size bed im Zentrum von Prag.
Habt Ihr sowas? und was kostet dies?

- Richard und Jirka: Ja, das Appartement Nr 25 zu EUR 40 oder das Appartement Nr 15 zu EUR 40 sind noch frei.

Siro, Argentina: Hola chicos:  Estará en Praga del 28 al 31 de octubre, tendré lugar en su hotel, a que precio en Euros.- Gracias y besos.-
- Richard y Jirka: La habitacion para una persona cuesta EUR 20/ noche.

Kai, Deutschland: Hallo, Ich suche eine Unterkunft vom 30.11. bis 04.12.08. Habt ihr noch ein Apart. frei? Schön wäre Apart. Nr 15, das kenne ich schon.
- Richard und Jirka: Ja, dieses Appartement ist noch frei. Können wir die Zimmerbestätigung senden?

Friends from Athens:
We are lookiing for a cheap room near the historical town of Prague. (We are graduated historians). We have just arrived in Prague, in a hotel for gays, but we are not satisfied here, it is too far from the city center. We would like to have moved to your of one apartments. Is it possible? (6 nights)
Richard and Jirka:
Yes, friends, we know about this problem. Many clients wish to stay in Downtown. Well, we can offer the apartment Nr 23 located at our gay center Heaven. It is close to all historical sights of Prague. If interested, call us know to be taken to our place. Our phone number is 602 455 127. More information under the picture:
- Richard and Jirka To G&N, Venice: Good message! We have found a room with kitchen and bathroom in our House Stepan. If interested, fill in the order form here.
G&N, Venice: Hi, we are two gays from Venice, ITALY and we will arrive in Prague from 18 to 22 Aug. Is there vacancy for this dates? We search an appartament with bath and a litte kitchen. Is possible to know the prices. Thank you very much. KISS G&N
- Richard and Jirka: Sorry to say that we can offer rooms only till August 21. (There is no place for the night August 21.)

will be celebrated on August 1st. All guests staying at our apartments are welcome to the special party.

se celebrará el 1 de agosto. Todos los clientes en nuestros apartamentos se invitan a la velada especial

Boys from Brazil: Hi again, before we well send the order form, pls let us know if this is a quiet room? thanks for prompt response, chris
- Richard and Jirka: Yes. of course. Do not worry...

Boys from Brazil:
Hi, we are 2 gays from Brazil and will stay in Prague from 20 until 24 Aug. Is there any vacancy (ev. Apt. 17) for this date? Thank you and looking forward to hear from you.
- Richard and Jirka:
Hi, friends, thanks for your demand. We are sorry to say that it is late. We can offer only the double room with private bathroom at our house Stepan. If interested, fill in the order form here Then we will send you the confirmation list. More details and the order form are to find under this picture.
Rocco, Rome: I plan to visit Prague next month. But first days of my holiday will be spent in Poland. Do you know some direct trains from Cracow to Prague?
- Richard and Jirka:
Yes, of course, we recommend you the direct train starting at 7 am in Cracow, ending in Prague at 2 pm. You can also use the direct train starting at 10:25 pm in Cracow, reaching Prague at 6:15 in the morning.
Martin, Deutschland:
Ich war im Juni in Prag und habe in Appartement Nr 23 gewohnt. Ist dieses ApartMan in der Zeit vom 1.8. bis 7.8.08 noch frei?
- Richard und Jirka:
Ja, noch frei. Können wir die Zimmerbstätigung senden? Wenn ja, das Formular ist hier.
Boys from Slovenia: Hi guys, we are two friends from Slovenia, we plan to visit Prague on 7th aug this year and we plan to stay 3 nights, can you offer any accomodations for us? Many thanks in advance and have a nice day!
- Richard and Jirka: There is only possibility. Click here, to know more about the apartment.

Friends from Romania: A question, on 3th of august - where is the best gay place to be?
- Richard and Jirka:
First let us know the name of your accommodation to tell you more about the events located nearby.
Carmelo, Milano:
cari Richard e Jirka, se vengo a Dicembre, la vita nei locali Gay e sempre viva e frequentata o meno che in estate? Ciao  un saluto dall'italia.
- Richard e Jirka:
Sempre viva e frequentata.
Robert, Philippines:  I tried to send you a message but i don't know if you have received it. Tomorrow, July 19, I will be in Prague and I wish to know if you could accommodate me for 3 nights.  I want a room with bathroom.  Thanks and i hope for your reply.  Robert D.
- Richard and Jirka: Sorry to say that we have rooms avialable from July 20.

guido, basel:
hallo! hättet ihr am nächsten montag bis samstag noch ein zimmer frei ?
- Richard and Jirka: Nur das Appartement Nr 25 im selben Haus wie unser Schwulenzentrum Heaven. Für Info klicken Sie auf das Bild.
2 Amigos de Tenerife: Estaremos en Praga desde el 2 hasta el 9 de septiembre. Tienen una habitación doble? Gracias.
- Richard y Jirka:
Si, por ejemplo el apartamento Nr 23 e libre.
Para ver más información, haga clic en la fotografía.
Fernando, Zaragoza: Es que este agosto me voy a Praga y me movere por alli con metro, pero no consigo encontrar ninguna pagina en la que me explique bien los billetes que hay y las condiciones de cada uno.
- Richard y Jirka:
Todos billetes son válidos por un determinado tiempo y todos le permiten utilizar el sistema a pleno combinando entre metro, tranvía o autobús. Si lo desea puede comprar un billete para 5 dias (500 CZK) o uno de un dia - 24 horas- (100 CZK).
El centro historico de Praga (donde estan nuestros apartamentos) se ve muy bien paseando: todo está muy céntrico, no es necesario metro ni tramvia.
Simone, Verona:
Buongiorno a tutti!. Dal 13 al 20 agosto alloggerò a Praga in Heaven. Volevo chiedere alcuni consigli su cose da fare, attività e buoni ma possibilmente economici ristoranti! Grazie e bacio.
- Richard e Jirka:
Non si preoccupi, amico, dopo che arriva in nostro appartamento, Lei otterrà una guida speciale per i nostri ospiti.
Kai + Bert, Erfurt: Regards from Germany. How are you, boys? Again we go shopping to Prague next week, can you recommend us the apartment located nearby. (2 persons, July 14 - 20.) Thanks.
- Richard and Jirka:
We recommend you to stay at our apartment located in our house Stepan. It is situated near the stores (offering 70 % summer rebate). Click here to know more about the apartment.
orten, Oslo: Friends, have you a single room from 28 august till 3 september 2008 available? Morten
- Richard and Jirka:
Yes, there are many possibilities. For example the apartment in our gay center Heaven. Click here to know more.

Juan, Barcelona, Espana: Hola. Somos dos chicos de Barcelona que estaran en Praga del 17 al 24 de Agosto 2008. Queremos contactar con gente de habla hispana que conozca la ciudad para que nos oriente e informe de todas las cosas interesantes que se puedan hacer alli. Por favor, para contactar. Un saludo.
Sao Paulo: Just a question. Is Prague safe? Can we go through the city by night? If so, how much is the apartment for five nights?
- Jirka: Of course, the city is safe and our guests have no troubles if they are walking hand in hand from club to club... The price is EUR 40 per night and two persons. It also depens on the period you wish to be with us.

Jens, Copenhagen: Friend, have you a room  from 20 till 25 august 2008 available? Jens Copenhagen
- Jirka: Yes, there are some places available yet. For how many persons? One, two, three... Here is one possibility located in our house Stepan, just click here.
Friend, Deutschland: Hi Jiri, ich möchte ein Apartment für 3 Personen vom 08.08.-10.08.2008 reservieren. Leider lässt sich das Online Formular auf Eurer Homepage nicht mehr aktivieren.
- Jirka: Auf der Seite mit dem gewähltem Appartement haben Sie das Formular.  Mehr Viel Glüuuuck :o)

Hello, I want to take a room for 2 nights at the weekend from 25-27 July. Do you have a room in this time? How to get contact to you?
- Richard and Jirka: How to get contact to us? It is easy... Just select one of the apartments and fill in the order form. :o)
Pietro da Napoli
: Vorrei andare a Praga la seconda settimana di luglio.
Cerco ragazzo max 25 non effemminato per solo sesso. Sono passivo e non effemminato.
Couple from
Korea: We will visit Prague for the next 7 nights. We would like to know how Czech guys look. It is said there are very nice and pretty...

-Richard and Jirka: Yes, it is said. Just visit our naked party, then you will see more. Or just now the page of the video company making some films at our center.

Quido aus Schweiz:
Hallo! Ich war das letzte Jahr im Realclub. Jetzt ist er geschlossen. Warum? Oder heisst er jetzt anders? Gruss, Quido
- Richard und Jirka: Ja, geschlossen. Schade. Wir empfehlen unseren Klub Heaven. Fordern eine Discountkarte bei Ihrer Ankunft ins Appartement.

Tony y Dani de Valencia:
Buscamos el apartamento en Praga. El periodo: 26 - 30 de julio. Preferiamo el apartamento 12.
Richard y Jirka: 

Amigos, gracias por la demanda. Lo siento, este apartamento no es libre. Por lo tanto ofrecemos el apartamento 15 por el mismo precio. Que decis a nuestra oferta?
Friend, Germany
: Ahoj, I am interested to come to Praha from 18.7.-20.7. Do you have a room for 2 persons? Last time I have been near Vaclavske namesti. Do you have this or a comparable room for us?
- Richard and Jirka: No, friend, all is occupied at your asked term.
Mario from Linz:
Hi! I am coming to Prague next week and would like to know if there naked/ underwear party is for apartments guests only or also for other visitors? I'll be staying at another place (paid already) and would like to come around. Thanks!
- Richard and Jirka: No problem, all other friends are welcome, you will pay the full entrance only...

We can highly recommend the apartment in Heaven. We spent 3 really lovely days there. The location is very quiet, all the interesting sightseeings are within walking distance. We would like to use it again next time we go to Prague.
, Milano: Ottimo appartamento (Nr 15). con camere pulite e ben arredate. Ottima competenza e disponibilità dello staff. Centralissimo, a cinque passi da Città Vecchia. Questo appartamento offre senza dubbio un ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo.
Radek, Poznań, PL: Cena apartamentu, lokalizacja domu, uprzejmość personelu oraz wygoda i anonimowość pobytu - wszystko było ok. Idealne na weekendowe wypady do Pragi.
Victor, Murcia: Me gusta la independencia que te ofrece al ser un apartamento bastante bien equipado, donde si quieres puedes prepararte el desayuno o algo para cenar (aunque yo no lo utilizé). También la amabilidad del personal siempre dispuestos a ayudar. Ideal para pasear por Praga.
Tomek, Warszawa: Jirka, masz dobrze zorganizowany dom. Ladny pokoj i lazienka, mila i pomocna obsluga, latwosc komunikacji, dobra lokalizacja, dobre i tanie restauracje w poblizu, mnogosc sklepikow w poblizu...

Erik, Chemnitz, DE: Die Mitarbeiter sind sehr freundlich. Die Lage ist ideal um ganz Prag zu erkunden. Die Zimmer sind sehr spärlich eingerichtet, aber sauber. Viel Service und Komfort gibt es nicht, aber das kann man bei dem Preis auch nicht erwarten. Das Haus Stepan ist ideal für jeden, der mehr Interesse an Prag hat, als an der Ausstattung des Zimmers.
Pablo, Huelva, España:
Recomiendo a todos. Durante nuestra estancia fue el cumpleaños de mi pareja y en nombre de la casa dejaron en nuestra habitación una botella de vino y una tarjeta de felicitación. Me gusto la atención del personal desde la llegada a la salida. Gracias.

Sergio, Bologna, Italia:
La casa e
situata a pochi passi dalla Stazione Centrale, in una zona molto vicina a tutte le principali zone d'interesse. Il personale e molto gentile e disponibile, le stanze sono pulite. Piu che un hotel (una pensione) la casa degli appartamenti.
Szymon, Wroclaw, Poland:

We have enjoyed our visit in Prague and are very pleased with our stay here. We didn’t see you Richard in person but Jirka has taken good care of us. We will recommend this place to others!

Friends from USA:
Dear Richard or Jirka, we are coming between Sept. 14 - 30 and seek a quiet, central apt. with kitchen. Can you help us? Thanks
Richard and Jirka: Yes, friends, it is possible. If still interested, fill in the order form of the selected apartment.

Peter de Valencia:

Alojamiento que ofrece Jirka esta muy bueno. Soy Peter de Valencia;  Praga es preciosa!!!! Tengo una casa rural gay/hetero: 
  Besos a todos )))) Kiss.... P.

Mario de Sevilla:
Me gusta Praga. Quiero que la gente sea simpatica y humilde. Como Jirka.
Amigos de Espana:
hola, somos dos amigos espanoles que estaremos en Praga del 16 al 20 -3-08 y nos gustaria conocer gente que hable espanol. Mail  

Pierre, Lyon:
Jirka, as promised, I have sent you a parcel with gifts for your gay parade you will organize. Please confirm the acceptance of my parcel. Pierre
Juan, Argentina:
Saludos machos. Yo y un grupo de amigos de Buenos Aires estaremos visitando Praga. Nunca hemos estado ahi y quisiera saber de lugares turisticos, discotecas, bares... Donde seria la mejor area gay para hospedarce. En fin, cualquier informacion que me puedan ayudar a planear una buena estadia en Praga. 
Richard y Jirka: Juan, tenemos un regalo para nuestros clientes - la guia gay - GRATIS. Pida una copia en la llegada.

Al sig.
Russello da Roma: Amico, ha ricevuto il nostro email? R+ J
Roberto, Italia:
Ciao, volevo sapere la disponibilita per un appartamento per due persone dal 9/8 al 12/8, tre notti, camera con bagno e quanto costa, grazie Roberto.
- Richard e Jirka: Mi dispiace, tutto e occupato.

Al sig. P
ellegrini da Pisa: Poiche non abbiamo messaggio dalla vostra parte, consideriamo la prenotazione come annullata. R+J
Enrico: Salve ragazzi.... vorrei andare a Praga la prima sett. di febbraio. Che me dite dei ragazzi in Praga. Sono piacevoli? 
- Richard e Jirka: I ragazzi di Praga sono molto piacevoli. Se lei desidera affittare un ragazzo, visita il sito  
Boys from Italy:
hi! my boyfriend and i we would like to come to prague from 21st to 24th february. we'd like a CLEAN apartment, very central, next to gay attractions for young guys (we are 23 and 27), possibly with terrace and we also need a pik up service from he airport to the hotel. Can you offer anything suitable for us?
- Richard und Jirka: Yes, friends, it is possible to have the room with terrace. The order form is to find here.
Studenten, Leipzig: Frohes neues Jahr, ist etwas freies bei euch ab morgen bis Sonntag? Wir bitten um Studentenpreis.
- Richard und Jirka:
Es ist spat, Freunde, alles ist voll belegt. Es tut uns leid...

Jan and Mats, Sweden:

We are coming to Prague the 24 of January and stay for 7days. We would like to go to leatherbars any good plays...

- Richard and Jirka: Why not, friends. There are many possibilities in Prague. Ask for the gay map on your arrival which we offer GRATIS.

Anonym: ich bin ab 27. in Prag und suchen netten typ fur day&nigth tour und mehr

Danecek: Hi, my name is Dan, 24 years old, I am from Prague and offer escort service. My phone number is 776157600
Roberto_Tenerife: Buscamos habitacion para dos personas del 17/12/2007 al 23/12/2007. Tienen alguna libre? Gracias
Richard y Jirka: Es tarde, tenemos solo el apartamento Nr 15. Mas informaciones

Richard and Jirka:
The Christmas tree on the Old Town Square (the historical part of Prague) - VIDEO
Hans, Berlin:
Ich suche eine Wohnung ab Morgen fur eine Woche. Ich komme Nach Prag, eine Nachricht uber Gay Man 2007 zu schreiben.
Richard und Jirka: Gay Man 2007!? Sie meinen Gay Hinterteil 2007 (am 4. Dezember)... Wenn ja, konnen wir eine Wohnung in unserem Haus anbieten. Mehr info: Wohnung Was sagen Sie unserem Angebot?

Jano, Bratislava:
Potrebujem najst ubytovanie pre dvoch v Prahe (disco Valentino). Zatial sa mi nedari. Je tu nieco take v tejto lokalite?
Richard and Jirka:
Muzeme nabidnout pokoj v nasem dome. Jen nam sdelte termin. Na cene se domluvime.
Anonym: Hey I will be in Prague next week going to the club alcatraz looking for some wet action, anyone can tell about this club?
Richard and Jirka: This club has good reputation. It is visited by people in uniform looking for S/M sex...

I would like to check the guided tour to Cesky Krumlov. Does it depart  everyday? Can I request you to arrange for us since we will stay at Aparthouse Stepan. Thank you.
- Richard and Jirka: The departure is every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9:15 am. All can be arranged on your arrival.
Karl + Hans, Hamburg: We are two boys from Germany who wish to celebrate the end of the year in Prague. Can you let us know a place to stay from December 28. Thanks.
- Richard and Jirka: Hello Boys, If you stay with us 5 nights, we can offer two possibilities. The apartment with bathroom   or apartment with bathroom and kitchen.
Jens and Heinrich, Berlin: We are 5 persons looking for accommodation in Downtown of Prague in November 5 - 11. We prefer two apartments with kitchen.
Richard and Jirka: Sorry, boys, all places are occupied at your asked term.
Amico da Italia:
Ciao, mi hanno parlato molto bene del vostro hotel e vorrei venirci con un mio amico. Avete disponibilita di una camera doppia con bagno? Il prezzo?
Richard e Jirka: Bene, per quando, amici?

Hi, my name is Charles. I am American living in Munich (Germany), I often visit Prague. I would like to contact a Czech boy speaking English or German. More about me on this profile. Or write to my email.

Gregorio and Andres:

Richard and Jirka, thanks for you service. We hope you will see our gay friendly hotel Colors in Barcelona.

Giuseppe from Italy: Hello, Any rooms available for 2 persons from Nov 17 til Nov 20? Thank you.
Richard e Jirka: Only the apartment Nr 12 and the apartment Nr 15.
Andrea di Roma: Ciao, siamo una coppia di Roma e arriveremo a Praga il 2 novembre, staremo 4 notti, partenza il 6 novembre. Cosa ci potete offrire? Gradiremmo che nella stanza ci sia un angolo cottura e bagno privato. I vostri appartamenti sono centrali? 
Richard e Jirka: Andrea, NOSTRI APPARTAMENTI SONO CENTRALI !!!!!! Mi dispiace, tutto e occupato.
Janusz - Krakow: Wybieram się do Pragi (12-15/11).  Może ktoś zna dobre miejsce, gdzie można nocować?
Richard i Jirka:
Możemy zaproponować niższą cenę tych mieszkań.
Roberto da Italia:
Ciao vorrei delle informazioni per un vostro appartam. con terrazzo dal 21 dicembre al 23 dicembre. Arriviamo da Milano e siamo in 2. Grazie Roberto
- Richard e Jirka: Si, e possible. Il prezzo: EUR 43/ notte/ due persone
Shaun and Andi: Hey!  My partner and I are coming to stay with you from 29/09/07 for 3 nights.  Are there any events taking place in October?  Thanks! 
- Richard and Jirka: Do not worry, friends. You will be informed on your arrival. For example you can see the global party night named Salvation and arranged by Valentino club...
Boys from Spain: Good evening, we are three people from Spain and willing to spend 7days in Prague arriving on september 23th.Gay couple, two nice boys and their friend(nice girl).We are interested in allocating an apartment or two bedrooms, one for the guys and one single for the girl.We'll be so grateful if you could send us some information or any kind of offer for this proposal.Thanks in advanced.
- Richard and Jirka:
Thanks for your demand. We can offer one apartment without kitchen at the rate of EUR 36/ night and the apartment with kitchen at the rate of EUR 43/ night. If interested, fill in the form on the page.
Me gusto mucho la casa. Las habitaciones son limpias y las personas que trabajan alli muy buena gente.
Paulo de Brazil:
The street on which the guest house is, is a nice and clean street with eating places. I travelled with my two friends, and we did not hesitate to go out in the evenings. As for the rooms. We had a three bed room. It wasn´t the biggest room I have seen, but it was quite ok. We had good beds and place enough for our four big suitcases. An extra plus for the refridgerator in the room. The staff Richard and Jirka was probably the best part of it all. They were all very polite, helpful and nice persons whom helped us in any way they could. This is a place I will return to!
Jose: Well the place was clean and the man (Jirka) who welcomed us was really nice and charming. You got everthing you need around (from restaurants, banks to gay clubs).
This is a nice place to stay. You can't expect any luxury. But you really get what you pay for, including clean lining! The rooms are pleasant and they have a kitchen so that you are able to prepare your own meals as food in Prague is expensive. The staff is very nice and helpful. The rooms are located within a good walking distance of all sights.
Janusz and Jakub:
Hi, its Janusz and Kuba from Poland. Thanks for everything, we spent a faboulous time in your country. 
Chico de Espana:
Hola. Estare en Praga en septiembre y me gustaria ligar con algun chico
checo, autoctono. En que bares o clubes es mas facil?
- Richard y Jirka: Pida una copia del mapa gay en su llegada.
Hallo Ihr, ich war schon einmal mit meinem Freund vor ca 3 Monaten bei Euch in der Stepanska Strasse. Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich plane nun am 7.9.-9.9.2007 3 Nachte bei Euch zu sein (2 Personen). Bitte, wenn moglich, in dem gleichen Appartement (es war mit dem Fahrstuhl obere Etage mit Balkon). Ist noch was frei? Und wenn ja, wie teuer?
- Richard und Jirka:
Ja, Freund, das ist moglich. Der Preis ist EUR 50/ Nacht. Wenn Sie drei Nachte bleiben, meinen Sie das Datum ab dem 7. bis dem 10. September... Nicht wahr? Sollte dieses Angebot interessiert sind, bitte, senden Sie uns Ihre Handy und die Flugdetails, den Transport zu arrangieren.
David: Dear Richard and Jirka, hope you are well. I would like your help. I am a registered disabled traveller coming to Prague for Christmas. Please could you kindly recommend a nice hotel with the Christmas dinner and all the trimings... As I have never been to Prague I am bit nervers. I am a reasonal budget as i am unemployed due to my disability, however, this wont stop me from having a nice time. I would like to travel on the 23 - 27 december Also I would need picking up from the airport. Greetings from England and thank you.
Love David.
- Richard and Jirka: Dear David, thanks for your demand. However, we are sorry to say that all our places are occupied during Chritsmas NOW. Therefore we recommend you to turn to Vila Mansland or Hotel Nouvum. Both places are not located in Downtown, but they are nice decorated, clean, owned and operated by gays and organizing the Christmas dinner for their guests, as well. Good luck, boy!
Claus from Denmark: Thank you for the good holliday... 
Amigo de Espana: Hola, estare en Praga del 22 al 25 de sep del 07,  tendran habitacion? 
- Richard y Jirka: Si, tres habitaciones estan disponible.
Tengo pensado ir con un amigo a praga del 23 al 27 de agosto. Teneis algo?
- Richard y Jirka: Si, es posible. Podemos ofrecerle este apartamento
al precio EUR 43/ noche.
Estare en Praga con una amiga del 17 al 22 de agosto. Que apartamentos me podeis ofrecer? Gracias
- Richard y Jirka: Lo siento, es tarde, podemos ofrecerle solo al apartamento del 18 de agosto. Mas (Para la noche 17 de agosto podemos ofrecerle este apartamento. Mas)
Hi, I am student from Berlin. Can you recommend me the very cheap apartment for the date August 13 - August 17. Thank you very much.
- Richard and Jirka:
Yes, friend, we can offer the apartment located in Downtown at the special rate of EUR 36/ night. More
Boy from Hong Kong:
Hello, Richard and Jirka. I'm going to visit Prague with my friend on 6 Sept for 4 nights. Any good deals? 2 separate beds if possible. :-) Is there any reception desk downstairs of the apartment?
- Richard and Jirka: Yes, it is possible to have the room with two separated beds at the rate of EUR 36 per night. No, there is no reception desk available.

Ciao a tutti. Dovrei scegliere tra due discotece a Praga. qualcuno sa consagliarmi se gia' c'e' stato..... discotece sono Valentino  e Termix.
- Richard e Jirka: Queste discoteche sono buone e spesso visitate. Il primo e il piu grand'in Praga. Il secondo e popolare dagli avvenimenti diversi. 

Cuales son los clubs nudistas en Praga?
- Richard y Jirka:
Para nuestros huespedes tenemos el plano con los clubes gay. Pida una copia en su llegada.
Hola. Viajare solo a Praga del 21 al 27 de diciembre de 2007. Espero tengan disponibilidad de habitacion.
Richard y Jirka: Lo siento, todas habitaciones estan ocupadas 
Tengo pensado ir a Praga en el mes de agosto. Me gustaria conocer gente para hacer turismo. 28 anos.
Chico espanol
quiere saber si hay habitacion single para los dias del 3 al 6 de agosto y si para aquellos dias hay alguien que hable espanol.
Richard y Jirka: E tarde, amigo. Podemos ofrecerle solo el apartamento al precio EUR 43/ noche.
I hope to visit Prague in Sept. with a friend, would like an apartment for 3/4 nights. would prefer two single beds rather than a double. ciao
- Richard and Jirka: OK, just let us know the date of stay.

Sebastiano da Italia:
Apartamenti liberi per una settimana in agosto anche dopo ferragosto ce  qualcosa che si libera? grazie
- Richard e Jirka: Senza cucina, il prezzo EUR 36/ notte, dal 21 al 31 agosto. Piu
- con cucina, il prezzo EUR 43/ notte, dal 23 al 31 agosto. Piu
Avete un appartamento per 2 persone dal 11/08 al 17/08?
- Richard e Jirka:
No, tutto occupato.
Busco el apartamento en Praga. El periodo: 3 - 6 de octubre. 
- Richard y Jirka: 
Lo siento, amigo, es tarde. Podemos ofrecerle solo estas posibilidades:

- el apartamento con cocina al precio EUR 43 
- el apartamento con cocina y terraza al precio EUR 50 
- el apartamento con cocina ap precio EUR 46 
Que dice usted a nuestra oferta?
Esperamos su respuesta hasta las 21:00
Wayne: I will come to prague on the 4th -6th of August and looking for cheap gay accommodation. Can you make any recommendations?
- Richard and Jirka: Sorry to say that all places are fully occupied.

- Richard and Jirka:
According to the Czech Tourism Agency, Prague is among the most popular tourist destinations ranking sixth in Europe. The same agency believes Prague will become the third most popular tourist destinations in Europe after London and Paris.
Amici da Italia:
Siamo una coppia, arriveremo a Praga in auto dal 24 Agosto al 30 Agosto, vorremmo sapere la disponibilita.
- Richard e Jirka: Si, possiamo offrire questo apartamento al prezzo EUR 36/ notte.  

- Richard and Jirka:
Are you looking for a qualified guide through Prague? If so, we recommend to meet our gay boy named Simon. He can speak English and German. More info

Marco: Mi chiamo Marco, ho 24 anni, cerco stanza singola dai 18 ai 20 euro/ notte... da fine agosto inizio settembre... contattatemi all'indirizzo mail 
First of all, I want to thank you both for your great hospitality, I spent an excellent week with you.  Please do not change anything!!! The rates are OK, the house is good located, everything is available on foot. Here is my photo for your cleaning boy, he was pretty... 
- Richard and Jirka: Thanks for your nice letter. We try to keep all as you write. 

Jesus y Ruben:
Hola, somos dos chicos espanoles y estaremos en Praga del 9 al 14 de agosto y queremos que algun chico que hable espanol nos ensene cosas... Respuesta

Alfonso e Paolo:
Ciao scrivo dall'italia e volevo sapere se avevate un camera per 2 posti da 1 luglio a 9 luglio e sapere il prezzo. Grazie e aspetto vostra risposta.
- Richard e Jirka: Si, e possibile. Il prezzo speciale e EUR 36/ notte/ 2 persone. Per inviarla la conferma, riempe il modulo d'ordine su questa pagina

Anyone knows where I could meet cool guys and find gay clubs?
- Richard and Jirka: If you stay with us, you will get the gay map of Prague GRATIS. If not, you can buy this map in one of the clubs.

Esteban and Pedro:
We are now in Prague to write an report about your house. Can you accept us this evening, about 7 pm? It would be nice.
- Richard and Jirka:
Sorry boys, we are busy tonight as we will take a part in one of the biggest gay party in Prague organized by the Pinkstar Team.
Esteban and Pedro: OK, we can meet at the party then. Where is the place of this event?  
- Richard and Jirka: At the club Celnice. More
Estoy viviendo en la casa Stepan hasta fin de esta semana. Busco otros amigos que hablan espanol. Enviame una mensaje al telefono del jefe de esta casa 602-455-127. 
Vincenzo: Sono studente, cerco stanza singola a Praga. dal 21 al 24 giugno. Grazie mille dell'aiuto.
- Richard e Jirka:
Si, e possibile. Possiamo offrire l'appartamento che e localizzato nel pieno centro di Praga. Offriamo il prezzo speciale (EUR 18/ notte). Piu informazioni.
Peter: Ciao sono Peter di Praga, un escort di 21 anni, alto 1,80, fisico atletico. Piu:

2 spanish single guys from Barcelona are going to visit Prague for a week. We'd like to know information about the gay scene, where going out, where to eat, what to visit...  and meet guys from there. ;) If anyone knows any gay website with profiles with the english option, it would be cool too. RESPUESTA

Hi, Me and my partner want to visit Prague next week (for 14 nights). We would like to take a part in a river cruise. Can you recommend us some possibilities?
- Richard and Jirka: Sorry you have missed one opportunity made on June 2nd, this cruise was organized by the club Strelec. The next cruise is organized by the Crazy Goddess Company on June 24 at 14:00. If you stay in one of our apartments, yo will obtain two tickets free of charge. 

Tono: Amici, dove sono organizzati i party migliori gay in Praga.
Richard e Jirka: Ci sono molti party organizzati. Pensiamo che il club migliore sia Valentino, come prova per esempio l'ultimo party nominato Destiny. 

Carlos: Hi, I am Carlos from Gran Canaria, I will be staying at the aparthouse Stepan on June 23 - 27. I am looking for friends speaking English or Spanish. (Leave mi message or email here.)